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Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces are actions of paramount importance in preventing the spread of infection

21 October 2021

In a dental practice, it must be assumed that, during patient treatment, the work area is contaminated by spraying and contact with saliva mixed with blood. Consequently, in order to prevent cross-infection, the worktops and furnishings must be decontaminated using a low or intermediate level disinfectant when a patient leaves the treatment room, and before […]

Get ready to impress with Zhermack! – A masterpiece of prosthesis

3 August 2021

The second episode A masterpiece of prosthesis of our new webseries “Get ready to impress withZhermack!” focuses on one of our brand values: creativity. We work tirelessly to resolve and to transform the challenges of our daily job into opportunities for growth and progress, by developing innovative technologies and intelligent, competitive solutions. The creadit goes […]

Mission 8 – Celestial Hygiene

5 March 2021

Mr Tech is often victim of quizzes and riddles by Doc Wiz and Miss Zeta. But he always has the ready and correct answer when hygiene is the subject. And you, have you solved the riddle in the new episode “Celestial hygiene“? Enjoy!