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The impact of Covid on the dental profession: prevention and data on the diffusion of Covid in dental practices

10 December 2021

The worldwide diffusion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus caused a global scale public health emergency and, on 11 March 2020, forced the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare a pandemic [1]. Research into the COVID-19 pathogen has shown that person-to-person transmission of the virus occurs largely through droplets of saliva or nasal fluids (droplets), or as […]

The Post-Covid 19 Dental Panorama: Developments in the Italian Dental Market

9 December 2021

Covid-19 hit Italy in 2020 with unexpected and unprecedented force and impact. As the pandemic spread, Italy was the first European country to be seriously affected; other European countries only experienced similar levels of infection much later. As the number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths rose, the Italian government introduced drastic measures, forcing the closure […]

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces are actions of paramount importance in preventing the spread of infection

21 October 2021

In a dental practice, it must be assumed that, during patient treatment, the work area is contaminated by spraying and contact with saliva mixed with blood. Consequently, in order to prevent cross-infection, the worktops and furnishings must be decontaminated using a low or intermediate level disinfectant when a patient leaves the treatment room, and before […]