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Clinical procedures for fixed prostheses on multiple implants

6 October 2023

Implant-supported fixed prostheses include all those dental prostheses such as crowns, full-arch prostheses and partial prostheses, as well as maxillofacial prostheses, that are anchored to and entirely supported by dental implants [1]. Clinical and technical phases of the fabrication of multiple-implant prostheses The clinical and technical techniques for making multiple-implant prostheses consist of a series […]

From the practice to the laboratory: the importance of the dentist-technician relationship

3 October 2023

Today, high-quality, modern dentistry must afford time and workflow optimisation, while maintaining an outstanding quality level. For this to be possible, without burdening the organisational and economic dynamics of the practice, it is necessary to establish a flawless relationship between the clinical part and the dental laboratory part, i.e. the relationship between the dentist and […]

Impression techniques for use on edentulous patients

31 August 2023

Full edentulism is a fairly common problem and is often treated will full removable dentures. Clinicians use different materials and techniques to take the final impression. Adopting the correct impression technique improves the quality of the restoration, and therefore improves the patient’s quality of life. (1) Impression techniques for edentulous patients can be broken down […]

5 flaws to be avoided for proper impression-taking

28 August 2023

Succeeding in obtaining a prefect impression is perhaps one of the most complex challenges facing dentists, especially when taking impressions on patients with fixed restorations (1). It is interesting to note that a fairly high percentage of the impressions that leave dental practices and are delivered to dental laboratory benches have obvious flaws (2-4). The […]

Impressions for BOPT (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique): the principles of dental preparation

2 August 2023

BOPT (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique) involves the vertical preparation of the tooth stump to allow the mucosa to adapt to the prosthetic contours of crowns. [1.2] It is a dental preparation protocol in which diamond burs are used to eliminate the emergence of the natural tooth at the cemento-enamel junction. This allows the subsequent fabrication […]

Analogue and digital impressions for edentulous patients: a literature review

2 August 2023

Impressions for edentulous patients are an extensively debated topic and the schools of thought among clinicians vary considerably [1]. In today’s scientific literature, several studies have compared digital and analogue impressions, focusing primarily on dentulous and implanted patients [2–5]. There are, however, far fewer studies comparing analogue and digital impressions in edentulous patients, particularly in-vivo […]

Differences between preliminary and functional impressions for edentulous patients

2 August 2023

Impressions for edentulous patients are a much-debated topic, as there is still great diversity amongst clinicians, who use different techniques dictated by their personal school of thought rather that conclusive literature evidence [1]. Furthermore, within the scientific community there is still a certain amount of confusion regarding the need to use a two-phase technique for […]

Lingual orthodontics: materials and clinical procedures

23 June 2023

Lingual orthodontics is one of the possible orthodontic practices that can be used to approach, treat and correct a malocclusion. It is a variant of classic vestibular multibracket fixed orthodontics, in which the brackets, archwires, ligatures and all of the auxiliary devices are primarily managed on the lingual side of the teeth, i.e. on the […]