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The importance of study models in treatment planning

29 May 2023

Dental models are positive reproductions of a patient’s intraoral situation. (1) They can be fabricated using either the conventional technique, by casting gypsum inside an impression, or a CAD/CAM digital technique, by milling or 3D printing. (2) Depending on how they are used, Models can be divided into two families (1, 3, 4): Let’s focus […]

Web Marketing in the dental sector: how to communicate effectively with today’s patients

12 January 2023

Nowadays, marketing is an extremely important aspect of all professions, including dentistry.   According to a somewhat primordial definition, marketing consists in the identification and profitable satisfaction of human and social needs [1], thereby identifying a purpose to this activity.   According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is “the activity, set of institutions, or processes for […]

Gypsum models vs 3D models that can be printed: characteristics and accuracy factors compared

12 January 2023

3D printing is an additive process (AM – Additive Manufacturing) that enables the physical construction of digital models by printing layer upon layer.   It was invented in 1986 when Charles Hull filed the first patent for stereolithography (SLA), which consisted in creating objects in layers by solidifying liquid resin sensitive to the wavelength of ultraviolet […]

The ideal properties of stone models: the importance of basics

30 August 2022

The production of a stone model is a key part of most procedures that result in a prosthesis or orthodontic device [1]. Stone models are positive reproductions of the patient’s intraoral anatomy. They are made from negative moulds, themselves obtained from intraoral impressions made using impression materials (alginates, polyvinylsiloxanes, etc.). They are then mounted in an articulator […]

Safety in the laboratory: risks and precautions

30 August 2022

As things stand today, most rehabilitative processes in dentistry involve one or more phases distributed between the dental practice and the laboratory. The dental technician is the lab professional who works in close collaboration with the dentist and produces various types of devices starting from a replica of the patient’s anatomy, as part of a […]

Additive dentistry and aesthetic reconstruction methods

8 July 2022

Abrasion and erosion are the two most frequent causes of loss of dental tissue. Abrasion is a mechanical phenomenon caused by repeated abrasive movements, which may be either parafunctional, like bruxism, or traumatic, such as incorrect brushing techniques and, possibly, the use of highly abrasive toothpastes. Erosion, on the other hand is a phenomenon of […]