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No-prep veneers: advantages and possible disadvantages

13 March 2024

Nowadays, the growing aesthetic demand from patients and the diffusion of biological concepts, such as minimally invasive property and biomimicry, have increasingly popularised the use of minimally invasive aesthetic-functional rehabilitation solutions, such as dental veneers. (1-5) Dental veneers today are indicated for the treatment of diverse problems such as discolouration, fractures, abrasions, misalignments and shape […]

Bite registration polyvinylsiloxanes in clinical research

14 February 2024

Bite registration precision is an aspect of crucial importance for the fabrication of satisfactory prosthetic restorations (1–3). Of all the materials used for bite registration, elastomers are the latest innovation in the field (2). Characterised by excellent dimensional stability, they are easy to handle and are not felt by patients during the occlusion phase (4). […]

Technical procedures for the fabrication of removable dentures

10 January 2024

A full removable denture is an extremely complex and unique treatment due to the anatomical and functional diversities that characterise completely edentulous patients (1–3). For this reason, this type of rehabilitation has always been a great challenge for both dentists and dental technicians (4,5). Although comprehension and the ability to communicate with the patient are […]

Fixed prostheses supported by multiple implants: technical procedures for fabrication

14 November 2023

The literature provides ample evidence that the technical procedure for the fabrication of fixed prostheses supported by multiple implants are fundamental phases for determining the success of restoration [1–3]. This article therefore analyses the technical procedures inherent to the fabrication of fixed prostheses supported by multiple implants, in order to clarify an area that is […]

From the practice to the laboratory: the importance of the dentist-technician relationship

3 October 2023

Today, high-quality, modern dentistry must afford time and workflow optimisation, while maintaining an outstanding quality level. For this to be possible, without burdening the organisational and economic dynamics of the practice, it is necessary to establish a flawless relationship between the clinical part and the dental laboratory part, i.e. the relationship between the dentist and […]

Resin disks, characteristics and opportunities

7 September 2023

The innovation brought about by digital technologies has now partly or completely revolutionised certain workflows, not only in dental practices, but also in dental laboratories [1–3]. In dental laboratories, digital workflows have accelerated various procedures that in the past, with analogue methods, were very time-consuming for dental technicians (for further information see Digital laboratories and […]