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Risk assessment, biological contamination and the PDCA cycle

29 May 2023

Biological risk in the workplace, with a few exceptions that might include healthcare settings or diagnostic and research laboratories, is undeniably attributed less importance than other occupational risks, and it can be little known or overlooked, especially for outdoor work activities. Yet no workplace can be considered exempt from this risk, since biological agents are […]

The importance of study models in treatment planning

29 May 2023

Dental models are positive reproductions of a patient’s intraoral situation. (1) They can be fabricated using either the conventional technique, by casting gypsum inside an impression, or a CAD/CAM digital technique, by milling or 3D printing. (2) Depending on how they are used, Models can be divided into two families (1, 3, 4): Let’s focus […]

Impressions for functional orthodontic appliances

8 May 2023

Dental impressions are negative reproductions of the teeth and adjacent structures. (1) The more adjacent structures an impression records, the greater the extent of the impression will be. The extent of an impression is therefore a physical-anatomical-volumetric characteristic. An extensive impression records the details even of anatomical structures that are very distant from the teeth or the primary structures […]

Artificial Intelligence in dentistry: uses, limits and prospects

11 April 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is “a computerised process that aims to reproduce human or animal intelligence and that is applied in a vast range of fields (for example, automatic learning, natural language processing and robotics)” [1]. It is already applied in a vast spectrum of disciplines, not only within the field of medicine, but also in […]

The advantages of automatic mixing for alginate preparation

3 February 2023

Alginate is the most commonly-used impression material in dental practices [1]. Its uses range from the fabrication of study and antagonist models to the fabrication of work models for orthodontics [2]. Alginate, which has been developed since the 1930s, is a material belonging to the irreversible hydrocolloid category. Its main advantages are its low cost, […]

Alginates for orthodontics: the characteristics that cannot be missed

3 February 2023

Alginate is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used impression materials in orthodontics. (1.2) But why is it so popular? And what characteristics must an “orthodontic” alginate have? Let’s take a look at them. h2. Background: the purpose impressions serve in orthodontics In orthodontics, impressions are usually taken for two reasons: Impressions are used to […]

Custom-made endodontic posts, impressions and fabrication techniques

3 February 2023

Devitalised teeth are generally teeth that have lost much of their coronal structure as a result of decay processes, fractures or the magnitude of the endodontic access cavity. In these cases, in order to restore structural integrity, a number of different root canal retention systems or endodontic posts have been used with success. (1) Endodontic […]

The role of disinfection in digital dentistry

12 January 2023

Today, professionals operating in the dental sector work with a variety of digital technologies able to streamline healthcare procedures by making them more fluid and manageable (inbuccal X-rays, intraoral scanners, electronic clinical records, etc…).   Just like conventional instruments, technological tools must also be managed in accordance with the procedures set out in guidelines on the […]