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Dual arch impression taking

10 December 2021

Dual or double arch impression taking is a common technique in dentistry. It uses a special “dual arch” tray to produce an impression of both arches when the patient closes his mouth to maximum intercuspidation [1]. While dual arch impressions reproduce only the side on which the prosthesis is to be fitted, the technique produces […]

Impressions of implants: pick-up and closed tray impressions

10 December 2021

When taking an impression of implants, it is essential to reproduce their position with the utmost precision in all three dimensions. Whenever an implant has an ankylotic connection to the bone, it is extremely important for the prosthesis to connect to it passively in order to avoid creating stresses on the biological tissues and prosthetic […]

Different types of impression tray

18 November 2021

Impression trays are devices used to carry, contain and control impression material during the taking of an impression. They also serve as containers for holding impression material during the production of a negative copy. (1) In short, impression trays permit the application of impression material whenever needed, along with the production of negative copies. All […]