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Preparing temporary restorations from impressions 

12 January 2023

A temporary restoration is a temporary device made to improve the aesthetics, stability and function of a tooth. It is used between the preparation of the tooth and the placement of the permanent restoration.[1]  There are three main techniques for making temporary restorations: direct, pre-filling indirect and post-filling indirect.  Of the various direct techniques, the […]

The Casartelli (or Bridge Guide) Impression Technique

21 October 2022

The Casartelli (or Bridge Guide) impression technique is best suited to fixed prostheses, clinical cases in which correct reproduction of the preparation margin is complex or when other previously used impression techniques have failed. We will now focus on why this technique was developed, its advantages and the procedure for its proper application. The need […]

The classification of elastic and rigid impression materials

8 September 2022

What impression materials are used in dentistry and how are they classified? Impression materials can be divided into two main types [1,2]: Elastic impression materials Rigid (or non-elastic) impression materials All impression materials fall into one or the other of these categories, which differ in how they can be used after setting in the oral […]

ISO 4823: the standard governing impression materials

8 September 2022

187 ISO standards have been published in the field of dentistry, regulating almost all aspects of the dental industry and establishing the requirements that need to be respected. (1) ISO is an independent, international, non-governmental organisation. Its membership is made up of the national standardisation institutes of 167 countries around the world. (2) Knowledge sharing […]

Impression silicones: addition and condensation types compared

30 August 2022

There are a many different impression materials on the market. Some of these, like hydrocolloids, are intended only for preliminary impressions while others, like elastomers, offer better performance and can therefore be used for final, precision impressions. Elastomers are also used to make other materials in addition to impression silicones. Impression silicones come in two types: […]

The uses of gypsum in dentistry

30 August 2022

Gypsum is a mineral form of calcium sulphate dihydrate. It has been known for millennia and has been used for many purposes. 5000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians used to fire “plaster of Paris” in open air furnaces. They then added water to make cement for assembling the blocks of the pyramids (e.g. the pyramid […]