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Photography for the dental sector

25 January 2022

Introduction (1) As a profession, dentistry can be extremely satisfying or an endless, stressful routine. Photography is an excellent way not just to document clinical cases but to enhance one’s professionalism and derive greater satisfaction from work. It improves the satisfaction of patients too, by allowing them to observe the attention and precision dedicated to […]

Bruxism: causes, symptoms and treatment

11 January 2022

Bruxism is a parafunctional activity that has always been of great interest to dentists as many of its effects are intraoral though most of its causes are to be sought extraorally. Bruxism can easily lead to the destruction of tooth tissue, the breakage of reconstructions or prosthetic rehabilitations, the exacerbation of temporomandibular disorders, and to […]

Dual arch impression taking

10 December 2021

Dual or double arch impression taking is a common technique in dentistry. It uses a special “dual arch” tray to produce an impression of both arches when the patient closes his mouth to maximum intercuspidation [1]. While dual arch impressions reproduce only the side on which the prosthesis is to be fitted, the technique produces […]

Impressions of implants: pick-up and closed tray impressions

10 December 2021

When taking an impression of implants, it is essential to reproduce their position with the utmost precision in all three dimensions. Whenever an implant has an ankylotic connection to the bone, it is extremely important for the prosthesis to connect to it passively in order to avoid creating stresses on the biological tissues and prosthetic […]

Alginates for removable prostheses

10 December 2021

Alginates are the most frequently used of all impression materials in dental practices [1]. They are essential in daily clinical procedures in all branches of dentistry that require collaboration between dentist and dental technician. Alginate impressions are extremely quick and easy to take, and mixing is simple and rapid too. No special equipment is needed […]

The impact of Covid on the dental profession: prevention and data on the diffusion of Covid in dental practices

10 December 2021

The worldwide diffusion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus caused a global scale public health emergency and, on 11 March 2020, forced the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare a pandemic [1]. Research into the COVID-19 pathogen has shown that person-to-person transmission of the virus occurs largely through droplets of saliva or nasal fluids (droplets), or as […]

The Post-Covid 19 Dental Panorama: Developments in the Italian Dental Market

9 December 2021

Covid-19 hit Italy in 2020 with unexpected and unprecedented force and impact. As the pandemic spread, Italy was the first European country to be seriously affected; other European countries only experienced similar levels of infection much later. As the number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths rose, the Italian government introduced drastic measures, forcing the closure […]

Impression taking in children

19 November 2021

Taking an impression from an adult is normally a routine procedure for an experienced dentist. In the vast majority of cases it is stressful neither for the dentist nor the patient unless the latter has a particularly strong pharyngeal reflex. In the worst hypothesis, a second impression may have to be taken if the first […]