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Get ready to impress with Zhermack! – A masterpiece of prosthesis

3 August 2021

The second episode A masterpiece of prosthesis of our new webseries “Get ready to impress withZhermack!” focuses on one of our brand values: creativity. We work tirelessly to resolve and to transform the challenges of our daily job into opportunities for growth and progress, by developing innovative technologies and intelligent, competitive solutions. The creadit goes […]

Resins and 3D printers: the state of the art

19 February 2021

The term “3D printing” is generally use to describe a productive approach involving the construction of objects by layers. This process is more correctly described as an additive production method and it is well suited to rapid prototyping1,2. 3D printing techniques are not a novel concept, as they have been developed and used since the […]

Thermoplastic and thermosetting resins compared: pros and cons

3 February 2021

Synthetic resins are currently used to produce prosthetic elements such as temporary crowns, temporary bridges, frameworks and hooks for dentures and to create orthodontic appliances and gnathological devices. In order to be used in all these clinical situations, resins must possess the following characteristics: Thermoplastic and thermosetting resins are two kinds of polymer that differ […]

Mission 5: Wiz the Wizard

30 January 2020

With the help of Miss Zeta, Doc Wiz is getting all the ingredients he will need to prepare the alginates. He is so good at his job that his dental assistant stands back in admiration and compliments him! Wiz the Wizard is the last episode of the web series The Zhermack mission. Enjoy the show!

Mission 4: A free weekend

10 January 2020

The last impressions have been taken and Doc Wiz can’t wait to go home and unwind, but Miss Zeta reminds him that the impressions have to be sent off to the laboratory before he can take off for the weekend. But thanks to the alginate Hydrogum 5 Doc Wiz’s plans for the weekend are safe! […]

Mission 3: The beauty of orthodontics

27 December 2019

Even if he lives in outer space, Doc Wiz is not immune to the lure of social media. He has taken such a good snapshot that he absolutely has to share it with his followers… and with Mr Tech too! So, here is The beauty of orthodontics, the third video from The Zhermack mission. Enjoy […]