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Mission 6 – Let’s fight the enemy

22 January 2021

The danger of infections in the dental studio is always just around the corner. But Doc Wiz, Mister Tech and Miss Zeta are not afraid of the enemy: they perfectly know that hygiene and prevention are a guarantee to everyone’s protection, both for patients and professionals. With “Let’s fight the enemy” our dream team is […]

Bite registration with thixotropic materials

18 January 2021

Bite registration is defined as a recording of the positional relationship between the two arches. (1) An accurate and stable bite registration facilitates the examination of the patient’s occlusion by the dental technician for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. As a matter of fact, errors in the relational positioning of the models on the articulator […]

The use of light materials for impression-taking on implant prostheses

15 January 2021

The purpose of implant prosthesis impressions is to record with great precision the three-dimensional spatial relationship between the implants and the other structures of the oral cavity (adjacent teeth, alveolar crest, etc.). A number of factors influence the accuracy and precision of impressions taken on implant prostheses. Overlooking certain complicating situations, such as the slant […]

Hard and Soft Relining: when to use one and when the other

8 January 2021

The purpose of denture relining Denture relining materials are extensively used in dentistry to remodel the surfaces of dentures that come into contact with the soft tissues of the oral cavity1. These materials are extremely useful in a number of clinical situations. In most cases, dentures are relined in order to compensate the effects of […]

Alginate mixing: hints for achieving an optimum result

7 January 2021

Alginate impressions are a basic procedure that can be performed by all dentists, from prosthodontists to orthodontists. The advantages of alginate impressions is the low cost, patient tolerability, the ease and rapidity of the procedure, the simplicity of the instrumentation required and precision (1). However, all these advantages depend on the correct performance of the […]

MDR: how the dental medical devices market is changing

4 January 2021

Since 2017, Europe has witnessed to a silent revolution in the medical field, that affects, first and foremost, manufacturers. As a matter of fact, in this year, the European Parliament and Council announced the need to adapt legislation on medical devices to meet future demands, in order to obtain an appropriate, robust, transparent and sustainable […]

Hand hygiene in the dental sector as a weapon against Coronavirus

21 April 2020

In the dental and health sector in general, poor hand hygiene can lead to the spread of bacterial and viral infections, including the new Coronavirus. This is how and when it is essential to wash them. In these times of health emergency, doctors and institutions continue to underline the importance of washing hands frequently. As […]