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Mission 1 – The Mysterious Impression

4 December 2019

Doc Wiz is extremely adept at taking dental impressions, especially when he uses Zhermack products. Even Mister Tech, who works alongside him, has realised this and never misses the chance to praise his colleagues’s talents. The mysterious impression is the first episode of the web series The Zhermack Mission. Enjoy!

Overview of the various impression techniques available in dentistry

19 July 2019

The impression phase forms part of many procedures carried out in the dental practice, such as fixed and mobile prostheses, on implants, indirect fillings, but also the creation of individual impression trays, creation of bites and whitening masks, and for use in dental case studies. The impression material is chosen depending on the purpose for […]

Relining resins: characteristics and applications

18 September 2018

In recent years, in terms of fixed prostheses on natural teeth, we have witnessed a change in the usage prospects of mock-ups. These days, this step is no longer just a transitory clinical phase, but rather a moment at which adjustment can be made to improve the preparation, functionality (for instance revising the bite) and […]

Creating a mock-up directly from the chair

21 August 2018

Now that people are increasingly aware of everything that can and cannot be done to improve the appearance of their smile, it is up to orthodontist to manage to interpret the wishes of their patients and make them come true, from a functional and morphological perspective. This kind of patient is often highly motivated, but […]