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Mission 7 – Now we need Zeta

12 February 2021

The patient has just arrived and our team of professionals is not caught unprepared: they perfectly know the preventive measures and disinfection protocols to be adopted in waiting room and operating room. After the triage, it’s Zeta’s turn. But which Zeta is Doc Wiz talking about? Miss Zeta or our Zeta Hygiene range? Find it […]

Impressions on multiple implants: is it possible without splinting?

8 February 2021

The purpose of impressions on implants and prosthesis passivity Impressions on implants have always been a complex phase and one that is crucial for proceeding with a correct prosthetic rehabilitation. The purpose of impressions on implants is to record their three-dimensional position in the dental arch , their inclinations and the spatial relationships with other […]

Impression techniques: what are the pros and cons of each technique?

4 February 2021

Final impressions, also known as precision impressions are the final act in prosthetic rehabilitation therapy before the creation of the prosthetic product by the dental technician. A correctly obtained impression, without voids, stretching or distortion, as well as being an excellent business card from the dentist to the dental technician, is a fundamental requirement for […]

Thermoplastic and thermosetting resins compared: pros and cons

3 February 2021

Synthetic resins are currently used to produce prosthetic elements such as temporary crowns, temporary bridges, frameworks and hooks for dentures and to create orthodontic appliances and gnathological devices. In order to be used in all these clinical situations, resins must possess the following characteristics: Chemical and dimensional stability Cosmetic characteristics able to mimic oral cavity […]

Digital impressions vs analogical impressions: when to use one and when the other

28 January 2021

In recent years there has been an increase in the interest in digital technologies that has impacted various sectors worldwide, from defence to engineering, and even the health sector, including dentistry. More specifically, the advent of CAD-CAM (computer-aided design/computer-assisted manufacturing) systems has led to the development of digital technologies for intraoral impression-taking. This process involves […]

Mission 6 – Let’s fight the enemy

22 January 2021

The danger of infections in the dental studio is always just around the corner. But Doc Wiz, Mister Tech and Miss Zeta are not afraid of the enemy: they perfectly know that hygiene and prevention are a guarantee to everyone’s protection, both for patients and professionals. With “Let’s fight the enemy” our dream team is […]

Bite registration with thixotropic materials

18 January 2021

Bite registration is defined as a recording of the positional relationship between the two arches. (1) An accurate and stable bite registration facilitates the examination of the patient’s occlusion by the dental technician for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. As a matter of fact, errors in the relational positioning of the models on the articulator […]